nodate12: ?



“rhea Springs

helo kid how is all of the folks near all as well as coming we have moved to Mr. Wallas place we get […] more at rhea springs […]”

nodate11: from Lissie McConkey?


“hello cousin Kate. how ar you by this time. well I hope this leaves me very well. would like to see you all. hope that you had a good time xmas. would of liked to of seen aunt Cat but I could not cum. well Kate I […] myself very much. I want you to ans as soon as you get this card. to Kate.”

nodate10: from Ben (cousin)



“Hello Kate how are you. we are all right. getting along all right. would like to see you all. we are at Crossville now. it rained on us yesterday. we are both well. hope you are the same. so I will close. From Ben Palmer (?)”

nodate9: from Ben (cousin)



“Hello Kate how are you all. Fine I hope. I’m all O.K. I guess you are going to school. our school hasn’t commence yet. I got you letter all right. will answer it before long. I am at Annie’s. they are all well so I must close for this time. give my love to all so by by from your cousin Ben.”

nodate7: from Nora Galyon (friend)



“Hello Katy how are you. I am all O.K. & hope you are the same. Well Kattie why diden

you come over here with Marthie & stay all night with me? you must come over to see me I am coming over to see you some day

your Best Friend

Nora Gaylon

tell Cricket (Hattie Elizabeth Clower) Hello for me. i will send her a card next time. i would now if i had one.

so good By By

Be  sure and Answer this card”