nodate7: from Nora Galyon (friend)



“Hello Katy how are you. I am all O.K. & hope you are the same. Well Kattie why diden

you come over here with Marthie & stay all night with me? you must come over to see me I am coming over to see you some day

your Best Friend

Nora Gaylon

tell Cricket (Hattie Elizabeth Clower) Hello for me. i will send her a card next time. i would now if i had one.

so good By By

Be  sure and Answer this card”

nodate6: from Debbie Clark




(in pencil around the right edge) “This is you and your sweetheart Katie.”


“hello Katie how are you all. well i hope. this […] us all well. Katie i hated to heare that poor hatie was Ded. Katie tell Martha hello for me. Katie I live in Ten Mile and Dora is at Cardif. her addres is Cardif Tenn.

so by by anssoon from your friend

Debbie Clark”

nodate5: Debbie Clark (friend)


“Hello Katie how are you. By this time all OK i guess. tell Miss Clower and the children hello for me. i would like to see you all i guess i will come to the may meeting. Lukey (?) said tell Harley (?) hello for him.

so ansoon by by

from you friend Debbie Clark”

nodate4: Debbie Clark





“From Debbie Clark to my dear friend Katie Clower.

We will remember the good times we have had together.”


“hello old girl. how is you. By this time i am all OK. Katie i hope i will see you soon. Come down and pick berries. Katie you know that nite at the spring house i never will forget it. Katie, Dora is at grand paw […] she is coming home Sunday to pick berries so answer soon. from your true friend D. C.”

nodate2: Will Ruck… (friend)



“hellow how are you all right I guess say kid Ross and I sure did get a wetting last sunday P.M. ha ha but I don’t mind the weather so the wind don’t blow

by by

from a friend

Will Ruck…”

nodate1 from: Debbie Clark (friend)


“Hello, Katie. How are you. By this time all O.K. I guess I will answer your card after so long a time. Well Katie I […] out. Guess I will get to go to the May meeting. Dora is a coming to the May meeting. Katie when are you coming down and stay a week with me. So I will ring of for this time, so by by. Answer soon. From your friend Debbie Clark. By by Kate.”