nodate12: ?



“rhea Springs

helo kid how is all of the folks near all as well as coming we have moved to Mr. Wallas place we get […] more at rhea springs […]”

nodate11: from Lissie McConkey?


“hello cousin Kate. how ar you by this time. well I hope this leaves me very well. would like to see you all. hope that you had a good time xmas. would of liked to of seen aunt Cat but I could not cum. well Kate I […] myself very much. I want you to ans as soon as you get this card. to Kate.”

nodate9: from Ben (cousin)



“Hello Kate how are you all. Fine I hope. I’m all O.K. I guess you are going to school. our school hasn’t commence yet. I got you letter all right. will answer it before long. I am at Annie’s. they are all well so I must close for this time. give my love to all so by by from your cousin Ben.”

nodate7: from Nora Galyon (friend)



“Hello Katy how are you. I am all O.K. & hope you are the same. Well Kattie why diden

you come over here with Marthie & stay all night with me? you must come over to see me I am coming over to see you some day

your Best Friend

Nora Gaylon

tell Cricket (Hattie Elizabeth Clower) Hello for me. i will send her a card next time. i would now if i had one.

so good By By

Be  sure and Answer this card”

nodate6: from Debbie Clark




(in pencil around the right edge) “This is you and your sweetheart Katie.”


“hello Katie how are you all. well i hope. this […] us all well. Katie i hated to heare that poor hatie was Ded. Katie tell Martha hello for me. Katie I live in Ten Mile and Dora is at Cardif. her addres is Cardif Tenn.

so by by anssoon from your friend

Debbie Clark”